New Filmmaking Group

I’ve wanted to join a filmmaking group for quite a while. Unfortunately the main Leicester group doesn’t want to know me until I’m 18 (and that is ridiculonkus!) So…….. and in light of film festivals wanting clear “made by children” / “made by adults” films…… I’ve decided to start my own filmmaking group!

We had our first meeting yesterday and I think it went really well. We all had a go at everything and I know I’ve got lots to learn about camera work and so on. Next week we’re going to try shooting something on green screen. I think when I’ve learned a bit more I would like to try shooting someone else’s short (maybe).

I’m trying to keep the group fairly small but if you are a young person and live closeish and are MAD about making films – give me a buzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

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  1. Sejleker says:


    My name is Sejleker and I am 16, I would really love to be in one of your films.
    I an not an acting student, but I have been in a UK student film, it was a ‘St Trinian’ themed film set at a school.

    I look forward to hear from you.


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