I’ve Won, I’ve Won, I’ve Won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly Jacobson at the National Youth Film Festival Awards

Holly Jacobson at the National Youth Film Festival Awards

This is so exciting! This is epic!!! I’ve just won a major national film festival award – at the awesome National Youth Film Festival!!!!!

One to Watch trophy

One to Watch trophy

The award ceremony was on Friday and was a very exciting, glitzy and glamorous event, held at the big Vue Cinema in Leicester Square in London!!!!!!!!! The organisers very kindly arranged for me to have extra tickets so I was able to take along with me many of the cast and crew of my film “Moving On”. We all had such an phenomenal time!

Moving On cast & crew

Moving On cast & crew

Before the ceremony began there was a chance for us all to meet – and I met some brilliant young filmmakers as well as some very important industry professionals. The first person I spoke to was Jim Carter (Downton Abbey etc) who was so lovely – and later on it turned out to be him who presented me with my award!!!

Making my speech - with Jim Carter

Making my speech – with Jim Carter

The young filmmaker I was most excited to meet was Agi – we have a lot in common! We are both girls, we are both home educated, we both love making films – and we both won awards for filmmaking that day!!! I’ve looked at lots of the stuff she’s made and I think she is fantastically talented and I really hope we can maybe do something together!!! Check her out: http://www.agnieszkaproductions.me.uk

Holly Jacobson with Agnieszka Kolaczynska at the National Youth Film Festival Awards

With Agnieszka Kolaczynska

Okay, to the actual awards ceremony! It was very exciting and the atmosphere was electrical! The hosts were Ben Willbond & Laurence Rickard from Horrible Histories and they were fab! Different people came up to give out awards and as I’ve mentioned Jim Carter gave me mine. The presenters described him as “charm on toast” and I think that is about right!!!

A whole lot of exciting people were there presenting awards and I couldn’t believe it when one of them turned out to be Theo Stevenson who played my big brother in AllStars!!!! Small world hey!

My brother from All Stars - Theo Stevenson

My brother from All Stars – Theo Stevenson

Another person I met was Eric Fellner. At the time I didn’t really know who he was – just that he was somebody else interested in filmmaking. Later on though I was told that he is somebody very important and he actually produced one of my favourite films ever!!!! Les Miserables. I feel a bit star struck to have met him now!!!!!

Chatting to Eric Fellner!!

Chatting to Eric Fellner!!!

with Eric Fellner and Paul Reeve

with Eric Fellner and Paul Reeve

After I won my award I got to go up and make a little speech (anyone who knows me will know that i am always very happy to get up and talk!!! hehe). Then I was taken off for a press conference!!!!!!! It was all super incredible and I had an excellent time!!!

After it was all over, everyone (who was part of my group) went off for a fantastic meal in China town and we were all buzzing with excitement!!!!! It was a fantastic day and it has really made me want to make even better films now! Thank you Jon Campling (my friend the deatheater!!!!!) for nominating me and thank you everyone who organised the festival – I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holly Jacobson with Jon Campling at National Youth Film Festival Awards

With Jon Campling

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  1. Jane French says:

    Wow!!! I’ve just read this Holly and I am v v impressed! Excellent news and what an amazing time you had on the night! Jane x

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