Calling all Manchester Home Educators

I am Holly Jacobson, a 13 year old home edder and I am a filmmaker. I am going to be making a documentary all about what home education is really like. I don’t think that the way home educated families are shown on TV represents “us” and I would love to show what we are really like!

It seems to me that we are either painted as “hot housed”, socially isolated children who spend 12 hours a day having facts drilled into our heads round the kitchen table – and have 500 GCSE’s by the time we’re 9…. or, we are neglected, ignorant almost feral children (and possibly badly in need of a bath :O )

What I would like to show:

  • I want to show just how different we all are and the different approaches we take (but all good). It’s very hard to find 2 home ed families who go about things in exactly the same way and this is something I would like to show. So often when I’ve met new people for the first time, they’ve been surprised that I’m so, quiet, loud, outgoing, shy (well maybe not this), active, calm….. and so on. They’ve met a home ed kid before and so they know what we’re like – yeah, really!
  • I’d like to show lots of home ed groups where we learn and have fun. We are not all socially isolated hermits and it’d be nice to show this rather than just talk about it.
  • I’d like to interview families, parent and children. Families home ed for lots of different reasons and also take different approaches. I’d like to represent all of this – autonomous, structured and all the shades in between. It would be great to interview people at both home ed groups and in their own homes. I’d also love to hear from children too about their experiences.
  • I also would like to explore some of the cliches and stereotypes that are around about home education.

What I need:

  • I need you, fellow home edders. I am a home educated girl and I want your support with this project. Please get in touch. This documentary is going to be great and it’s all about us and what make us so fab.
  • I would like to film your home ed group, family or children, either out and about or at your own home.
  • Would be ideal to hear from families in or around Greater Manchester.
  • If you aren’t sure if this is for you – that’s fine – but please get in touch and hopefully I can alleviate any concerns you might have.
  • I will need anyone who is involved sign a form saying you have agreed to let me film you.
  • Please, please, please, please, please Get In Touch!
  • I can’t put up an email address here because of all the spam I get, but please either contact me via the contact page or via Facebook!!!!!!!

    Thank you for reading,

    Holly xxx