Hi, I’m Holly and I’m a twelve year old filmmaker and actress. I love absolutely everything to do with films – acting, writing directing, producing – I even like watching the odd film!!!!


On this site you can see lots of cool things that I’ve been up to. I’ve been acting since I was six so please take a look at my showreel – or even some of the short films I’ve been in. If you’ve got a cool role for me please get in touch!!!!!


I love making all kinds of films and in particular I feel very passionate about telling girls stories and seeing more women in the film industry. One short film that I wrote and directed, called “Moving On” has gone on to win lots of awards all around the world and you can watch it here.

Coming up

New plans are afoot for another short film (hopefully to be shot this summer)! I am also working on a documentary all about home education (I know quite a bit about this because I’ve never been to school).